08/01/18 2018, What’s In Store

2017 was quite a year. From political upheavals felt across the world to the third coming of female empowerment, and a greater focus on the need for environmental protection, it certainly heralded in a change in the air.

With the bad comes the good, and as we get into the swing of 2018, we’re confident there’s actually a whole lot to feel positive and pumped about.

The women of the Golden Globes dressing in black as a way to protest the harassment, assault, and other acts from powerful men in Hollywood, that finally came to the surface in stark clarity in 2017, is a good place to start. The fashion protest was part of a bigger movement called Time’s Up, an initiative that builds on the influence and attention of Hollywood’s female stars to help those in a less privileged position such as working class women who are suffering from the pervasive inequality in pretty much every industry. Funds raised will support these women by providing access to money, lawyers, and advice so that they too are able to rise up and fight for what’s right without fear of not being able to provide for their families.


Golden Globes 2018
Image courtesy: standard.co.uk

And, what about the UK’s latte levy soon to be introduced? With billions of disposable coffee cups being thrown away in the UK every year alone, and most ending up in landfill sites, something’s got to give. In the wake of heightened environmental awareness, UK MPs are calling for a 25p “latte levy” on disposable coffee cups – and a total ban unless recycling improves. While we would argue that this is actually a design fault that needs to be addressed by manufacturers, in the meantime coffee shop owners are under mounting pressure to do more. The additional cost will no doubt fall on the customer at first but a simple way around this is to invest in a reusable cup, with many coffee shops already offering discount on coffees for their use.

KeepCup Glass Coffee Cup - Cork Edition 8oz

Image courtesy: KeepCup Glass Coffee Cup – Cork Edition 8oz

An even better solution? All businesses should be making the switch to 100% biodegradable cups, so, let’s put more pressure on our governments to enforce this.

Okay, so these are two completely different yet still exciting developments for 2018, and it’s only been a week! Just think what can be achieved in an entire year…