Aera New York

Aera New York is a line of timeless luxury shoes, artisanally made in Italy from vegan materials.

The luxury footwear label places equal value on product, people and the planet. With timeless designs that are ethically crafted from certified vegan materials, the brand strives to make sustainability the new normal. They are not only neutralising their environmental impact, but they are also going one step further by offsetting it by 110%. Believing doing good is as important as looking good, the brand is committed to doing what’s right for their customers, their employees, their suppliers, and the planet. As more innovative eco-friendly materials and processes become available, they will improve the shoes without compromising on the quality of the collection. With the ultimate goal to create shoes with zero-to-positive impact on the environment.

All Aera New York shoes are certified vegan and Aera worked with the SCS, who conducted a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on their behalf to quantify the environmental impact of their shoes as accurately as possible. The full results of the LCA are available here.


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