Audrey Louise Reynolds

Brooklyn-based artisanal dyer
Self-taught artisanal dyer Audrey Louise Reynolds founded her namesake brand in her backyard in New York’s Brooklyn. There, she uses an array of all-natural locally-sourced ingredients, which are sourced from daily life, such as minerals, seaweed, squid ink and flowers. With these, she creates a dazzling array of colours and patterns through a science-based ‘trial and error’ approach. Once the parameters of colour are set, she uses a free-form technique to create unique, handmade pieces, including sweaters and trousers.

For the Brooklyn-based artist, the mission is to bring a new standard of truly safe arts and crafts products to the market. If we are absorbing the bad properties of dyes into our bloodstream through wearing, then couldn’t we absorb the good properties through wearing things that are beneficial to our health? Ingredients: Earth, Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, and Organic Pale Pink Wild Roses. The packaging is hand screened with ALR Pink Earth by Morgan and Patrick in Brooklyn, with the instructions printed on recycled paper in carbon. Please recycle both the paper and plastic from this packaging. The intention is to bring you zero waste packaging in the future.

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