After co-founding the globally influential brands Cheap Monday, Weekday and Monki, Linda and Adam Friberg are creating AVAVAV as the perfect expression of Linda’s personal style, interests, values, and beliefs. Inspired by her life with her family in Florence and her Swedish upbringing, Linda creates her vision of the items every woman needs. Her soft tailoring and flexible fabrics drape and flow gracefully, making her garments consistently appear polished and feminine throughout the day, season to season.

Designed and produced in Florence, Italy, Avavav creates ageless, minimalistic, feminine clothes and accessories. New essentials are updated each week, all unique and made in limited quantities from surplus luxury textiles produced outside Florence. By only producing small quantities, shortening the production process and incorporating leftover materials from high-end brands, the brand is able to keep costs down and waste to a minimum while staying relevant. While never compromising on quality, ethics always come first to the brand. They are proud to work with the finest artisans near Florence, and throughout the supply chain, they rigorously and wholeheartedly abide by the Code of Conduct, based on ILO Conventions for labour practices and the UN’s Declaration on Human Rights, setting standards for labor rights and safety practices.

AVAVAV is fashion supporting your lifestyle, creating chic go-to looks that are not overwhelming but timeless.
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Light Coat in Taupe
Avavav Light Coat in Taupe € 240
AVAVAV Denim Jacket light blue
Avavav AVAVAV Denim Jacket light blue € 200
Short Sleeve Turtleneck Neon Yellow
Avavav Short Sleeve Turtleneck Neon Yellow € 90
Poplin Pants
Avavav Poplin Pants € 120
Light Coat in Black
Avavav Light Coat in Black € 240
Short wool jacket beige
Avavav Short wool jacket beige € 250
Rosa Briefs – BLACK
Avavav Rosa Briefs – BLACK € 48
AVAVAV Scarf, black/white
Avavav AVAVAV Scarf, black/white € 80
Vintage Print Silk Scarf, red/yellow
Avavav Vintage Print Silk Scarf, red/yellow € 90
AVAVAV Jeans Relaxed flare ecru
Avavav AVAVAV Jeans Relaxed flare ecru € 180
Cady Cropped Pants Black
Avavav Cady Cropped Pants Black € 200
High Cuff Shirt, black
Avavav High Cuff Shirt, black € 160
Thin Rib Polo in Black
Avavav Thin Rib Polo in Black € 100
Sharp Leather Bag, Navy
Avavav Sharp Leather Bag, Navy € 160
Silk Puff Blouse in Peach
Avavav Silk Puff Blouse in Peach € 220
Feather Sandals in Black
Avavav Feather Sandals in Black € 180
Silk batik dress
Avavav Silk batik dress € 170
Sneakers in Pink
Avavav Sneakers in Pink € 230
T-shirt, Io cambio beige
Avavav T-shirt, Io cambio beige € 50
Silk cropped shirt Taupe
Avavav Silk cropped shirt Taupe € 220
Long shirt white
Avavav Long shirt white € 170
Sequin slippers
Avavav Sequin slippers € 220
Luggage Tag/ Card Holder, red
Avavav Luggage Tag/ Card Holder, red € 50
Short Sleeve shirt purple
Avavav Short Sleeve shirt purple € 80