Bolin Webb

Making the daily ritual of shaving a luxurious experience

A razor like no other: the Bolin Webb range of shaving accessories is the luxury every day grooming essentials every man needs in their bathroom. Founded by Marina Bolin and Derrick Webb, Bolin Webb is a British brand bringing design excellence to shaving and manufacturing its razors in England. Designing high-performance razors that offer practicality with a simple, modern twist, the brand’s contemporary collection of men’s grooming tools captures the brand’s inspired strength in design, performance and use of colour. Their track record in award-winning wet shaving accessories is a testament to their design legacy and raises the bar of innovative grooming design. It was the curve and detail of Aston Martin cars that helped to form the X1 razor but the inspiration isn’t just car-related, the name X1 Eiger Grey refers to the iconic Swiss mountain. Boasting ergonomic designs and crafted with the finest materials, they make the daily ritual of shaving a luxurious experience.

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Face Balm
Bolin Webb Face Balm £ 20
R1-S Blue 3000 Razor
Bolin Webb R1-S Blue 3000 Razor £ 60
Razor Case
Bolin Webb Razor Case £ 25
R1 Graphite Razor
Bolin Webb R1 Graphite Razor £ 60
R1 Jet Razor
Bolin Webb R1 Jet Razor £ 60
R1 Alpine Razor
Bolin Webb R1 Alpine Razor £ 60