By Garmi

Small Copenhagen-based studio creating beautiful and sustainable illustrations

By Garmi is a small Copenhagen-based studio run by a two-man team with a shared passion for graphic and interior design, and who specialises in creating beautiful and sustainable illustrations. Drawing inspiration from all things around them, By Garmi’s wide range of illustrations vary in many different ways and sees them incorporate different techniques and expressions, including the use of watercolour, graphite and markers that help create the brand’s unique visual expressions and ‘individual universes’ that will be the perfect artistic addition to your eco home.

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Dream Away
By Garmi Dream Away £ 17
By Garmi Fallen £ 45
Flower No 2
By Garmi Flower No 2 £ 35
Cocos Nucifera
By Garmi Cocos Nucifera £ 25
Laying Print
By Garmi Laying Print £ 35
Sound of Silver
By Garmi Sound of Silver £ 40
Quercus Alba Oak Leaf
By Garmi Quercus Alba Oak Leaf £ 30
Reflections of Establishment
By Garmi Reflections of Establishment £ 40
Help Us We Are Humans
By Garmi Help Us We Are Humans £ 40
Beige Monstera Deliciosa
By Garmi Beige Monstera Deliciosa £ 25
Paper Shadows No.3 Print
By Garmi Paper Shadows No.3 Print £ 45
Paper Shadows No.1 Print
By Garmi Paper Shadows No.1 Print £ 45
Ficus Carica Fig Leaf
By Garmi Ficus Carica Fig Leaf £ 25
By Garmi Merge £ 40
Dark Mind
By Garmi Dark Mind £ 25
Flora Postcard Pack 2
By Garmi Flora Postcard Pack 2 £ 17
Paper Shadows No.4 Print
By Garmi Paper Shadows No.4 Print £ 45
Paper Shadows No.2 Print
By Garmi Paper Shadows No.2 Print £ 45
Shape Print
By Garmi Shape Print £ 50
Crossed Print
By Garmi Crossed Print £ 50
Succulent Plant No 3
By Garmi Succulent Plant No 3 £ 40
Succulent Plant No 2
By Garmi Succulent Plant No 2 £ 40