Girl Smells

100% natural skincare, made in Berlin

Girl Smells is all about working with your body and not against it. The Berlin-based natural skincare and beauty brand, founded by friends Ella and Claire, was created after listening to the endless requests from their girlfriends, sisters, customers and co-workers who needed a deodorant that was natural, fun and fresh.

The brand favours pure ingredients to neutralise odour without affecting your skin‘s own detoxifying process. With the product philosophy of sticking to the values of always being natural, preferably organic or wildcrafted, safe and most importantly effective, all products are antibacterial and will have you feeling crisp and fresh, without any harsh nasties like aluminium and alcohol. Even the packaging is perfectly designed and sustainable.

Artisanal Artisanal
Fair Fair
Local Local
Minimal Waste Minimal Waste
Sustainable Sustainable
Transparent Transparent

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