Johnstons of Elgin

Scotland-based, luxurious cashmere and fine wool knitwear

With over two hundred years worth of tradition and expertise in textile manufacturing, luxury begins with outstanding craftsmanship, using the highest quality natural fibres, sourcing the world’s finest raw fibres. Woven and knitted in their two mills in Scotland, Hawick and Elgin.

Their expert craftspeople take pride in every step, with all dying to blending, carding to spinning, warping to weaving, kitting to teaselling and cutting to folding – it all takes place in their mills in the heart of Scotland.

Able to follow its supply chain direct to herdsmen in Inner Mongolia, most of the cashmere used is gathered from goats which have been herded in the traditional ways which have been used for hundreds of years. This unique lifestyle means that the goats live an almost wild existence and helps to preserve these fragile communities. The label then carefully combines the different qualities of these fibres in a way which optimises the performance of their fabrics.

Although working directly with herders and farmers is difficult, the brand is working as a founding member of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance to develop through them, sustainability programmes. By working closely with herder families the SFA aims to continuously improve the situation for both goats and herder communities.

On top of this, the modern dyes used are synthetic, but are all organic, batch ends of fibre and cut-offs are re-used to produce sale-line scarves and other products to ensure minimal waste and being an equal opportunities employer, the brand supports their staff with personal and professional training, especially the preservation of traditional, and increasingly rare, craft skills.

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