Leigh Miller

L.A.-based, handmade sculptural jewellery line

When reflecting on Leigh Miller jewellery, it seems no surprise that nature happens to be one of the biggest influencers.

A key brand for anyone who loves sculptural jewellery, LA-based Leigh Miller launched her collection in 2014 after working as a fashion designer for brands such as J.Crew and Calvin Klein. Missing a more tactile, hands-on creative process and taking inspiration from natural patterns and forms, she uses the ancient – but increasingly lost – tradition of wax casting to create each piece before hand-hammering them into unique and organic forms.

With sustainability being important to Leigh and the brand, she makes a conscious effort to use recycled silver and conflict-free stones. Forgoing fashion moments or trends, each piece is designed for the modern woman to hold onto for a lifetime.


Artisanal Artisanal
Fair Fair
Local Local
Minimal Waste Minimal Waste
Sustainable Sustainable
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Two Tone Bubble Hoops
Leigh Miller Two Tone Bubble Hoops £ 165
Totem Earrings
Leigh Miller Totem Earrings £ 190
Aurora Ring
Leigh Miller Aurora Ring £ 125
Double Drop Earrings
Leigh Miller Double Drop Earrings £ 165
Silver Dawn Pendant With Opal
Leigh Miller Silver Dawn Pendant With Opal £ 279
Small Brass Lure Earrings
Leigh Miller Small Brass Lure Earrings £ 199
Sterling Silver Tidal Ring
Leigh Miller Sterling Silver Tidal Ring £ 265
Swish Hoop Earrings
Leigh Miller Swish Hoop Earrings £ 159
Silver Wakame Hoops
Leigh Miller Silver Wakame Hoops £ 285
Dawn Pendant With Amethyst
Leigh Miller Dawn Pendant With Amethyst £ 259