Manasi 7

Stockholm-based natural make-up line

Manasi 7 make up is designed and developed in Stockholm by founder and professional makeup artist, Susanne Manasi. At the core of (M)anasi7, is its ‘declaration of seven’ – a manifesto that outlines its principles of beautiful, sustainable cosmetics: ‘Slow, Select, Pure, Natural, Simple, Symbiotic, Contemporary’. Focusing on what goes inside the bottle, the sustainable cosmetics line only uses raw, carefully selected, pure organic ingredients that are ethically and sustainably harvested. With the end result being a high quality product, carefully developed to nourish and protect all skin types.

Created to be customisable to the season and your own unique skin tone, the products can be mixed-and-matched to blend new colours. Working exclusively with independent, small-scale, sub-contractors, Manasi 7 natural makeup line is highly concentrated and designed so that a little goes a long way. The boxes are made from sustainable paper that is recyclable and the reusable jars are made of 32% plant-based material from renewable sources. Plus, you can reuse the pots by filling with a skin balm or travel skincare. Powder compacts have a refillable option and powder jars and mascara packaging are recyclable. All Manasi 7 beauty products are cruelty-free and free from ingredients derived from soy, GMOs, palm oil, alcohol, nanoparticles, silicones and more. Specific individual products are Vegan approved.

Artisanal Artisanal
Fair Fair
Local Local
Minimal Waste Minimal Waste
Sustainable Sustainable
Transparent Transparent
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Custom Contour Duo
Manasi 7 Custom Contour Duo $ 75
Sarcoline Skin Enhancer
Manasi 7 Sarcoline Skin Enhancer $ 69
Fuchsine All Over Colour
Manasi 7 Fuchsine All Over Colour $ 57
Ikura All Over Color Creamy Finish
Manasi 7 Ikura All Over Color Creamy Finish $ 57
Beechwood Satin Finish Skin Enhancer
Manasi 7 Beechwood Satin Finish Skin Enhancer $ 69
Sunrise Strobelighter Radiant Finish
Manasi 7 Sunrise Strobelighter Radiant Finish $ 58
Densuke All Over Colour
Manasi 7 Densuke All Over Colour $ 57
All Over Shine Cristallo
Manasi 7 All Over Shine Cristallo $ 59
Silk Glow Powder
Manasi 7 Silk Glow Powder $ 59
Jamocha Skin Enhancer
Manasi 7 Jamocha Skin Enhancer $ 69
Kobicha All Over Colour
Manasi 7 Kobicha All Over Colour $ 57
Chamoisee All Over Colour
Manasi 7 Chamoisee All Over Colour $ 57
Obsidian Precision Mascara
Manasi 7 Obsidian Precision Mascara $ 49
Etruscan All Over Colour
Manasi 7 Etruscan All Over Colour $ 57
Bronzelighter Radiant Finish
Manasi 7 Bronzelighter Radiant Finish $ 58