Native Shoes

Maker of the world's first 100% biodegradable sneakers

Founded in 2009, the Canadian footwear company Native Shoes has dedicated itself to being 100% lifecycle managed by 2023, and the Plant Shoe is the first step towards achieving that goal. The Vancouver-based trainers maker has created the world’s first and only 100 per cent biodegradable sneaker, made entirely from plant-based materials.

Employing natural materials such as organic cotton, linen, olive oil, cork and kenaf means that the aptly named Plant Shoe is able to break down naturally over a comparatively short amount of time. The upper comprises a Native Shoes proprietary material developed in partnership with Piñatex, the company famed for its leather-like material made from a blend of carded pineapple husk and organic cotton. It includes no polyurethane coating – an industry first for this type of material. All other styles are 100% animal-free.



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Native Shoes Chamonix $ 95
Spencer LX
Native Shoes Spencer LX $ 25
Jefferson Reflective
Native Shoes Jefferson Reflective $ 55
Audrey Metallic
Native Shoes Audrey Metallic $ 55
Jefferson Print Big Stars
Native Shoes Jefferson Print Big Stars $ 55
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Jefferson Bloom
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Jefferson Print
Native Shoes Jefferson Print $ 55
Chamonix Shearling
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Spencer LX Solid
Native Shoes Spencer LX Solid $ 25
Jefferson Glow Block
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Jimmy Citylite
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Fitzsimmons TrekLite
Native Shoes Fitzsimmons TrekLite $ 95
Johnny TrekLite
Native Shoes Johnny TrekLite $ 95
Juliet Metallic
Native Shoes Juliet Metallic $ 50
Miles Block
Native Shoes Miles Block $ 50
Jefferson 2.0 Liteknit
Native Shoes Jefferson 2.0 Liteknit $ 75
Mercury 2.0 Liteknit
Native Shoes Mercury 2.0 Liteknit $ 100
Apollo 2.0
Native Shoes Apollo 2.0 $ 95
Audrey Velvet
Native Shoes Audrey Velvet $ 55
The Plant Shoe – Womens
Native Shoes The Plant Shoe – Womens $ 200
Spencer LX x Beth Richards
Native Shoes Spencer LX x Beth Richards $ 35
Fitzsimmons Citylite
Native Shoes Fitzsimmons Citylite $ 90