Coastal lifestyle menswear label

Founded by 11-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater and designer and fellow surfer John Moore, Outerknown comes from a desire to question and challenge the norms of the clothing industry pursuing strictly ethical, sustainable production.

100% cotton T-shirts, fair-trade suppliers, even turning reclaimed fishing nets into nylon board shorts, Outerknown effectively turns surf culture’s love of the ocean into a sustainable brand that lives by that very same ethos.

A sophisticated, fashionable and grown up alternative to traditional surf apparel, the menswear collection consist of wardrobe essentials such as t-shirts, woven shirts, knitwear, jackets and chinos in muted, low-key colours that are extremely timeless. The label has recently introduced denim into their collection, having held off until now to find a producer that met their environmental requirements.

The whole goal with the brand is transparency and sustainability around manufacturing and materials, manifested in the label’s use of organic cotton and hemp, regenerated Italian wool and recycled ocean waste and working with partners they trust.

Artisanal Artisanal
Fair Fair
Minimal Waste Minimal Waste
Sustainable Sustainable
Transparent Transparent
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Noche Beanie
Outerknown Noche Beanie R$ 185,98
Layover Beanie
Outerknown Layover Beanie R$ 331,53
Drifter Tapered Fit Jeans
Outerknown Drifter Tapered Fit Jeans $ 148
Len Rib Tank
Outerknown Len Rib Tank $ 48
Eastbank Crew
Outerknown Eastbank Crew $ 158
Match Polo
Outerknown Match Polo R$ 283,02
Woodblock OK Pocket Tee
Outerknown Woodblock OK Pocket Tee $ 38
BBQ Shirt
Outerknown BBQ Shirt € 88
The Only Gun You Need Tee
Outerknown The Only Gun You Need Tee $ 38
Bay Stripe Tee
Outerknown Bay Stripe Tee $ 58
Evolution Shirt Jacket – Final Sale
Outerknown Evolution Shirt Jacket – Final Sale € 81,85
Manufactured By Trucker
Outerknown Manufactured By Trucker $ 30
Modern Scallop Trunks
Outerknown Modern Scallop Trunks $ 98
Sur Zip Hoodie
Outerknown Sur Zip Hoodie $ 59
TT Circle Pocket Tee
Outerknown TT Circle Pocket Tee $ 38
Women’s Present Tee
Outerknown Women’s Present Tee € 47
Sections Camp Socks
Outerknown Sections Camp Socks $ 18
Meander Dress
Outerknown Meander Dress $ 138
Shibui Shorts
Outerknown Shibui Shorts $ 65
Evolution Reversible Puffer – Final Sale
Outerknown Evolution Reversible Puffer – Final Sale € 110
Shelter Crew
Outerknown Shelter Crew $ 128
Paz Cord Pants
Outerknown Paz Cord Pants $ 118
Sur Sweatshirt
Outerknown Sur Sweatshirt $ 69
S.E.A. Legs Slim
Outerknown S.E.A. Legs Slim $ 98