Swedish natural performance-driven hair care experts

The secret weapon of hair care, this natural Swedish range has the most magical effect on your hair, turning straw into gold. Since the early 2000s, founders Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind, who combined their names to form Sachajuan when they started their Stockholm salon in 1997, have been working with Swedish scientists to develop the perfect professional products. Allowing the performance of their products speak for themselves and avoiding hollow marketing claims, they use only the ingredients needed; nothing more, nothing less. Honest in their product information, they want everyone to understand which ingredients have been used and why, selecting ingredients for purity and performance.

Driven by the beauty of simplicity, the results are founded in their patented, ‘Ocean Silk technology’; a cocktail of proteins and mineral extracts derived from sea algae that has been naturally harvested from the ocean. All product development is based in Sweden, where the vast majority of their products are made. (The only exception is when national legislation from a given market requests that they make a product in that country.)

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