Founded in 1950 in Austria, producing only silk and viscose stockings, Wolford has since become the go-to label for high-quality, beautifully made foundation pieces which are unmatched in comfort and performance.

Perfect underpinnings are the key to creating elegant pieces, and Wolford never fails to deliver. Crafted from the finest fabrics for the perfect fit, laser-cut tank tops, bodysuits, chic ankle socks and contouring, velvet-soft tights in black, white and nude palettes make for sophisticated, silhouette-enhancing separates.

Focusing on elegance and the female form, Wolford offers ultra-flattering separates, haute hosiery and luxe lingerie. Made in Europe.

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Black Velvet De Luxe 50 Tights
Wolford Black Velvet De Luxe 50 Tights $ 50
Black Cotton Knee-High Socks
Wolford Black Cotton Knee-High Socks $ 35
Black Merino Tights
Wolford Black Merino Tights $ 75
Black Individual 10 Back Seam Tights
Wolford Black Individual 10 Back Seam Tights $ 55
Black Estella Leggings
Wolford Black Estella Leggings $ 425
Black Convertible Fatal Dress
Wolford Black Convertible Fatal Dress $ 215
Black Tulle Control Shorts
Wolford Black Tulle Control Shorts $ 150
Black Cotton Socks
Wolford Black Cotton Socks $ 30
Silver Joan Lurex Socks
Wolford Silver Joan Lurex Socks $ 25
Black Twenties Tights
Wolford Black Twenties Tights $ 55
White Colorado String Bodysuit
Wolford White Colorado String Bodysuit $ 250
Black Twenties Knee-High Socks
Wolford Black Twenties Knee-High Socks $ 35
Black Velvet 66 Socks
Wolford Black Velvet 66 Socks $ 30
Black Faux-Leather Stella Shorts
Wolford Black Faux-Leather Stella Shorts $ 255
Tan Sheer Buenos Aires String Bodysuit
Wolford Tan Sheer Buenos Aires String Bodysuit $ 275
Black Madeline Fishnet Tights
Wolford Black Madeline Fishnet Tights $ 70
Black Velvet Sensation Leggings
Wolford Black Velvet Sensation Leggings $ 95
Black Jamaika String Bodysuit
Wolford Black Jamaika String Bodysuit $ 195
Black Pure 10 Tights
Wolford Black Pure 10 Tights $ 60
Black Individual 10 Socks
Wolford Black Individual 10 Socks $ 25
Black Merino Rib Dress
Wolford Black Merino Rib Dress $ 800
Black Cotton Velvet Tights
Wolford Black Cotton Velvet Tights $ 65
White Cotton Velvet Tights
Wolford White Cotton Velvet Tights $ 65
White Cotton Socks
Wolford White Cotton Socks $ 30