“Creativity and sustainability are at the exact same level in my brain, and it’s never about making something slightly less sustainable or vice versa. The world won’t evolve if people think like that,” explains Germanier.“The Germanier woman respects the past, she is aware of the present, but she is already living in the future,” says the designer, in the same breath insisting that sustainable fashion can be desirable, sexy, feminine, dazzling, shiny and glamorous – adjectives that were rarely used to describe sustainably-led clothes before. With his ultimate aim to change the way we think about sustainable fashion.

Based in Paris, the designer has recently given up his day job, for Louis Vuitton, as a junior designer and is putting an end to his double life where for months, after a day in the leather goods studio for the luxury giant, his nights have been spent working on his own label – an indication of his work ethic, and one which may well help him to achieve his dream: becoming creative director of Christian Dior.

Fittingly, his aim is to grow without compromising his ethos and the designer is in no rush to add more hands to his team if they can’t be paid and valued.

This, most definitely, is a designer to watch.