Sustainable & Ethical Lingerie That Looks Genuinely Good

For several years, sustainable and ethical clothing labels like Reformation and Everlane have been taking the fashion world by storm, while lingerie ranges that were ethical or eco-friendly remained few and far between.

Thankfully, there’s a fresh batch of cute, stylish and sexy underwear brands out there that are ticking all the boxes, both in design and in sustainability and ethics. After all, if we’re starting to hold our clothes to higher social and ecological standards, the same should go for what we wear beneath it all. It’s fair to say we don’t want our intimates looking like an afterthought, and that’s for the benefit of ourselves more than anyone else. Part of feeling good in it is feeling good about where it’s coming from. 

Indulge in these super chic, sustainable and ethical lingerie picks so you can look good and feel good (in more ways than just one!).

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