Vintage Treasures

Original is always better, and when it’s combined with classic craftsmanship and sleek sophistication then it’s nigh on impossible to beat.

A cultural plight of our times, so many fashion lovers nowadays buy clothes at an increasingly fast rate and don’t really think about it, ordering stuff online and within a month they’re over it. But it’s a different feeling with vintage fashion. There’s an extra sense of serendipity – to find something you love, which fits, is rarer than walking into a shop with racks of the same pieces in every size – and that winning feeling is so much greater and lasts so much longer with vintage, whether it’s a dress, a bag, a jacket and even shoes. It’s something you come back to in your wardrobe because you really love it.

In search of some wardrobe cachet and genuine exclusivity? Good, you’re in the right place! We’ve curated our favourite vintage fashion looks for you to peruse at your leisure and inspire:

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backpack hand bag
Prada Vintage backpack hand bag £ 1303
1990’s pointed pumps
Prada Vintage 1990’s pointed pumps £ 245
1990’s checked mini skirt
Prada Vintage 1990’s checked mini skirt £ 176
tortoise shell cat-eye sunglasses
Persol Vintage tortoise shell cat-eye sunglasses £ 294
drawstring bamboo tote
Gucci Vintage drawstring bamboo tote £ 995
2000’s logo pouch
Gucci Vintage 2000’s logo pouch £ 587
GG print scarf
Gucci Vintage GG print scarf £ 225
A-line skirt
Ulla Johnson A-line skirt £ 406