Why Brands Are Loving Sustainable Cupro Fabric

You may have noticed a new word cropping up when doing your clothing research recently. Cupro is the newest sustainable fabric garnering attention for all the right reasons. As a by-product of the industrial harvest of cotton (a hugely resource-intensive process), specifically, the waste fibres that are too small to spin, cupro is an ultra-fine, silky fibre that’s usually discarded as cotton linter. Instead, it’s stripped from the plant and dissolved into a thick liquid solution (known as a viscous solution) and then spun into fibre, which is then woven into the super sustainable cupro fabric.

Often referred to as vegan silk or sustainable satin, it was once only used as a luxurious lining for clothing, but now it’s front and centre and used as an alternative to silk or rayon since it has all the drape and textural qualities you would expect from luxury fabric. And super easy to care for and wash cupro, too!

Discover cupro best finds below:

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Bob Cupro Tee White
Baserange Bob Cupro Tee White £ 85
The Shirred Cupro Blouse
Everlane The Shirred Cupro Blouse $ 80
The Cupro Tie-Front Top
Everlane The Cupro Tie-Front Top $ 68
The Cupro Mockneck Blouse
Everlane The Cupro Mockneck Blouse $ 98
The Cupro Blouson Dress
Everlane The Cupro Blouson Dress $ 130