12/07/19 Eco Furniture Unveiled at Milan Design Week

At this year Milan Design Week, Alcarol unveiled the OCEAN NETWORKS_ Collection in a world premiere.

The project aims to represent one of the main problems submerged in our oceans today: ghost nets, and become part of the solution. An astounding 640,000 tons of fishing nets are abandoned in our oceans every year and are responsible for the destruction of millions of sea creatures.

These fishing nets are made of nylon, a high-performance plastic that is now completely recyclable. Recognising the opportunities for to do good, Alcarol has turned this harmful ocean waste into beautiful, design-driven eco furniture.

The tabletops of Alcarol prototypes are made of some coloured nets from the oceans melted together with ECONYL® polymer, produced through an innovative and sustainable chemical process that regenerates nylon waste including fishing and aquaculture.




The tabletops of the prototypes are multicoloured since they melt together nets of various colours, dramatically tangled as in the seabed, with a surprising marbled effect. The legs of the tables are made of glass slabs and aluminium fixings – two of the best examples of recyclable materials in the world – and are simply wedged and screwed in the nylon tabletops. This straightforward construction means each part can be easily removed in order to make the prototypes 100% recyclable in the future.

In fact, it is said that through the transparency and reflections of the glass at different heights, the coloured fishing nets of the tabletops seem to float, as an abstract reflection about the fragile condition of our oceans.




Further, the beauty of using ECONYL® nylon is that qualitywise there is no difference with a standard one coming from oil. The big difference is that it can be recycled, recreated and remoulded infinitely, without any loss in quality.

A necessary innovation that is not only doing good and helping our oceans but will be a key design feature in the chicest of homes. Quite literally a coffee table like no other.


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