16/04/19 Glossier Play In Trouble With Non-Biodegradable Glitter

Back in February, cult beauty brand Glossier began teasing the beauty industry and its legion of Instagram followers with its latest product release and last month it finally unveiled the much-anticipated Glossier Play. However, the release of the collection designed to promote self-expression, creativity and play, was in fact met with sighs heard across the internet.

While some customers slated the brand on Twitter for not being inclusive enough in their swatching, others were shocked by the inclusion of non-biodegradable glitter.  As one of the most hyped products from the new line, Glossier Play Glitter Gelée is not advised to be washed off, but rather wiped away with their Milky Oil.

One commenter wrote: “Y’all couldn’t have at least sourced biodegradable glitter for the Glitter Gelée? That’s a pretty careless/irresponsible move. It’s 2019 ffs.”

Two years in the making, Glossier Play incorporates four products, 28 shades and two tools. Surely inclusivity and sustainability could’ve played a bigger role.



Image courtesy: Glossier Play Glitter Gelée


On top of that, the packaging features more plastic than we’d hope to see from a new brand. This comes amidst a global anti-plastic movement, with glitter increasingly becoming a subject of debate in makeup circles as well. Biodegradable options definitely exist, so for a brand that is so big on peer reviews and consumer driven content, the glitzy use of non-biodegradable glitter just feels tone deaf.

In a statement to COOLS, Glossier confirmed that the “the paillette in Glitter Gelee are not biodegradable.”

With other brands like Eco Glitter Fun delivering biodegradable and compostable glitter makeup, it leaves Glossier looking out of touch with its millennial fans. This is hopefully a lesson for the future and will encourage the brand to move towards investing in the development of clean beauty products.