01/08/18 Is The UK About To Ban Fur?

Have we finally reached the point where buying fur is no longer acceptable?

Britain’s parliament, the UK’s top legislative body, is debating a ban on the sale of animal fur in response to the submission of the 425,834 signature strong petition delivered to Number 10 Downing Street by the #FurFreeBritain coalition earlier this year, in addition to another 110,000 signature strong online petition.

Ahead of the debate, designer Stella McCartney wrote an open letter in support of the cause, highlighting the recent shift in attitude toward fur as an indication that the country needs to take a step further and ban fur, to reflect the public sentiment.

MPs from all political parties spoke out in favour of a UK ban on fur imports on Monday evening, during a landmark debate held at Westminster Hall, voicing their concerns with the fur trade, calling it “vile”, “loathsome” and the “grimmest of human activities.”

While parliamentary debates don’t necessarily lead directly to changes in the law, they can influence decision-makers and significantly raise the profile of a campaign.


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Image courtesy: Protesters calling for a ban on fur imports outside Westminster, where Parliament is debating the topic. (Humane Society International UK)

The campaign, in this case, reflects a larger movement that keeps on gaining momentum. In the past year, major fashion brands like Gucci, Michael Kors, and Versace have said they will no longer use fur in their collections. Meanwhile, the city of San Francisco banned all sales of fur, and both Norway and the Czech Republic announced plans to end fur farming in their countries.

Via Quartz