03/01/19 Pause for Positivity in 2019

Firstly, the whole team wishes you a happy & healthy new year! May it be filled with love, laughter and giant helpings of kindness.

For most of us, we want to kick off the new year with some sort of clean slate, a new resolution or simply a new way to approach life. Just another day in some regards, but it somehow holds the power to reflect and recalibrate before entering into the year ahead. 

And for me, this year it means thinking about time. Too often do we move through life in ultra fast mode, never really slowing down long enough to think and then act. 

That’s why I’ve decided that for 2019 (and hopefully, beyond) I am going to make a conscious effort to take the time to pause – whether that’s on emotions developing, reacting to a certain situation, or even when making a purchasing decision – to evaluate and look for the positive in every eventuality. Because there is. There is always a positive takeaway. A positive in the midst of the crappiest of circumstances. 

When you’re on the receiving end of bad news. Pause. Could it be that the news you’re hearing allows you to free up your time to better invest in your personal relationships? When you’re about to react to a shitty comment someone has just directed your way. Pause. Could it be that that shitty comment wasn’t actually directed at you and that person is going their own stuff, and you’re strong enough to look past it? When you’re about to buy a pair of trainers on a whim. Pause. Could it be that if you set aside a little more time you could find an even cooler pair of trainers made in a more positive way, which you can happily share with admirers?

Pause for Positivity | STATEMENTS | Sustainable & Ethical Fashion, Beauty, Homeware, Kids

Pausing for positivity is essentially about setting aside a couple of seconds, minutes, or even longer, to consider if there’s a better, more effective and beneficial way of reacting to your surroundings and impulses. It’s like hitting the pause button on your life and looking in at it from an outsiders perspective. With clarity you’ll always be able to see the positive, even when it’s not so obvious at first.  

Never forget that you’re in control of your thoughts and actions. If you’re considering how to make 2019 work for you, this is a good place to start. 

- Written by Beatrice Mocci