16/06/17 The S.A.T.C Insta Account You Gotta Follow

You think sexy gingham is so SS17? Think again.

It’s the 19th anniversary of Sex and the City! Which got us thinking. Apart from realising how old we are, it made us think about the fact that there’s really never been a better TV show that celebrates what clothes mean to us and how they are so much more than a season or a trend. They’re steeped in history and tell stories of what went down when wearing them. And what better way to track the great looks that go round and round, and worth holding onto for the long – rather than short – haul, than by reflecting on the iconic styles of the Sex and the City ladies.

The best way to do this is by following (if you aren’t already) @everyoutfitonsatc for a walk down fashion memory lane. The account celebrate the most iconic looks from the show that basically ruled most of our lives in our fashion formative years.

Not simply chronicling the looks, the female duo who run the account are pretty damn funny, too. Chelsea Fairless is a designer at Female Trouble and Lauren Garroni is a writer/director of film company the breathless, and they caption every image with spot on remarks you probably considered yourself but obviously weren’t as funny. They also sometimes add in little references to the origins of the clothes, which provide interesting cultural insights. Funny, too!

Whether you consider yourself to be a Carrie, Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte, or like us a mix of couple, what we should try to take away from the show is their love of clothes. While in later episodes it starts to feel a bit out of reach, for the most part there was a consistent mix of vintage and well made investment pieces featured throughout, which is definitely something we support. Alongside “helping” us develop our sexual knowledge (debatable!) and understand the makings of true sisterhood (I guess so…), the show certainly portrays characters who really care for and treasure their clothes. About time we should all be doing the same.

P.s. Let’s not talk about the movies?