23/04/18 Who Made My Skincare?

Tired of getting rashes and redness from those harsh chemicals literally everywhere? Want to know what’s really going into your daily skincare routine?

We’ve curated a collection of organic and sustainable skincare products we think you’ll love, but a fave is Green People.

In 1994, Charlotte Vohtz wanted to create a fully organic skincare brand as her daughter struggled with multiple skin allergies and eczema. She searched and searched skincare brands, even ‘organic’ labeled ones, only to find they were full of nasty, synthetic ingredients. The lack of sustainable, natural products spurred Charlotte on to create her own skincare products suitable for her daughter’s sensitive skin.


Image courtesy: Green People

In 1997, after years of research and product development, Green People was founded. From the beginning, the label has been committed to never sacrificing ethical business practices or product quality for the sake of profit. This includes never using harsh chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or synthetic ingredients, and never tested on animals.

Two years after the founding of Green People, Charlotte decided take it one step further by setting a standard in an industry, where at that point you only needed 1% of natural ingredients to call yourself “natural.”  She approached the Soil Association to encourage them to impose higher standards on natural cosmetics.


Image courtesy: Green People

Fun fact: Charlotte actually became part of the Soil Association’s committee later on.

Today, the brand offers a range of products for the whole family. All the products are certified organic, and every product is packed with over 90% active natural and organic ingredients to protect, nourish, balance and, most importantly, respect your body. Our top pick, the suns creams.

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*Header image courtesy: Green People