24/04/18 Who Made My Make-up?

Beauty knows no pain, right? With your skin being the largest organ of your body and since it is porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it. That includes all the nasty synthetic chemicals packed into most make-up products that we’re exposing our skin to. 

If, like us, knowing the products are not tested on animals isn’t enough for you and that you’d prefer also knowing exactly what’s going into the creams and serums you’re about to smear across your face, then we’ve got a brilliant beauty brand to introduce to. One that is loved by beauty industry insiders and some of the most beautiful women in the world. Gisele is a devotee of the brand.  

RMS Beauty is a unique colour cosmetics brand, designed to magnify the natural beauty of a woman’s face instead of creating a new one. All of the ingredients are organic and carefully put together to create a range that hydrates and illuminates the skin.


Image courtesy: RMS Beauty founder, Rose-Marie Swift

Founded by professional make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift in 2008, who brings with her over 35 years worth of experience and working with publications such as Vogue (American, French, and Italian, among others), W, and V, and with photographers Mario Sorrenti, Hedi Slimane, and Annie Leibovitz, among others.

Her experience and reference points are glamorous and top-tier, much like her high-performing makeup collection, which contains zero silicone, parabens, or other chemicals. Swift is so passionate about clean beauty that she even started a website, Beauty Truth, dedicated to educating consumers about personal-care ingredients and debunking beauty myths.


Image courtesy: RMS Beauty eyeshadows

Swift’s interest in all things eco was sparked after she suffered myriad health issues, including hair loss and a weakened immune system. She underwent extensive medical tests, and results revealed high levels of heavy metals in her system, as well as pesticides and other chemicals such as aluminium, barium, cadmium, mercury in her blood. She detoxified her life, starting with her diet (now organic and mostly raw), and then focused on revamping her makeup routine.

With that, RMS Beauty was born. While loyal customers go mad for its colourful sheer balms and glowing highlighters (packaged in recyclable glass and aluminium pots), the most popular product is the Raw Coconut Cream, which does everything from remove mascara to soothe a sunburn.


Image courtesy: RMS Beauty balms

What we love most about RMS Beauty, beyond the vibrant mineral colours, and the difference between them and other make-up brand, is that all ingredients used are in their raw, natural state, which means they’re still live and have healing effects on your skin. The products penetrate and rejuvenate your skin rather than merely lying on top, and thus fully interacting with your skin in a wholly positive way.

To put this into context, the majority of ingredients used for natural cosmetics (organic or not) go through multiple steps from deodorising, refining, and fractionating during production to heating to extremely high temperatures again during manufacturing. These processes render the ‘natural’ ingredients equivalent to man-made chemicals, stripping away all beneficial nutrients and enzymes that support healthy skin and life.”

RMS beauty products, on the other hand, are formulated with raw, food grade, organic ingredients in their natural state, from cultivation, straight through to manufacturing. They also take extreme care to use minimal heat in the manufacturing process to ensure they preserve every vital nutrient that nature provides. Unlike today’s synthetic counterparts, this technique allows natural healing attributes such as enzymes, minerals, vitamins and most of all, antioxidants to remain fully intact and naturally penetrate and rejuvenate skin. 

RMS Beauty products are your golden ticket to anti-aging and long-term beauty, plus they’re elevated colours ensure you’re not sacrificing and can deliver trend-led looks.

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