24/07/19 Things to Know About the Sustainable Fashion Forum

The Sustainable Fashion Forum is a two-day conference in Portland, Oregon, founded on the principals of discovery, education, and community and focused on sharing digital and tech-based solutions to help fashion designers, manufacturers, factories, and retailers to become leaders in sustainability, transparency, efficiency, supply chain optimization, waste reduction, speed-to-market, data utilization, marketing, e-commerce, and profitability.

The meet-up of changemakers looks to the future by fostering a thought-provoking dialogue about the social and environmental effects fashion has on our world and what we can do individually and collectively to improve them.

From a series of captivating panel discussions and thought-provoking keynote speakers between editors, designers, and thought-leaders, to a live fashion show and  curated marketplace, the Sustainable Fashion Forum is a power-packed conference where an extraordinary community of curious minds gather together to educate, get inspired and connect with like-minded individuals with the belief that together, we can create positive change.





Key takeaways from this year’s conference back in April included:


* COLLABORATION AND COLLECTIVE IDEOLOGY WILL LEAD TO MORE IMPACTFUL SOLUTIONS AND CHANGES IN THE INDUSTRY. Increasing brands are beginning to open-course and share learnings, so the fashion industry can move forward together.

* SLOW FASHION LACKS DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION AND IT’S HURTING ITS GROWTH. To dress sustainably and ethically should not be reserved for the minimalist few, but should be inclusive of all ages, sizes and racial and gender identities.

* CERTIFICATIONS ARE CONFUSING. Precisely why we’re working on simplifying this for you guys. It shouldn’t feel like you need to solve a cryptic puzzle in order to work out whether you purchasing a specific item is going to have a big environmental or social impact. We believe that you shouldn’t be the one that has to do the digging around to figure out whether a brand you love is sustainable and ethical.

As Whitney Bauck covers on Fashionista.com, “a one-size-fits-all ethical fashion certification will probably never exist, partly because not everyone agrees on what qualifies as ‘ethical.’ The good news is that there are a host of certifications out there that can help consumers get a sense for which brands meet certain standards, whether they relate to the toxicity of dyes, carbon emissions, fair pay for artisans or something else entirely.”

That’s why we’ve decided to remedy this and have begun working on a project that will make it simpler to identify the social and environmental credentials of a specific item of clothing or product. Stick with us on this journey!