22/08/19 What is Recover Yarn?

The epitome of circularity, Recover Yarn is one of those miracle materials that allows for a closed-loop and sustainable fashion industry.

Get this. In 1947 the Ferre family, in their native Banyeres de Mariola, a small town in Alicante, Spain, began recycling textile waste into cotton yarn and have been turning waste into resources ever since. Most proud of pioneering sustainable materials and processes, Ferre allows for a truly closed-loop fashion industry. In 2006, the company launched its unique system of textile waste collection and recycling, named Recover; a name that defines both the company’s process and purpose. Then in 2015, the Recover Upcycled Textile System was officially launched and today has led to the company becoming an authority in upcycled cotton yarn.


So, how does it work exactly?

Used clothes and old textile waste are deposited at collection bins for re-wear or recycling, and then recovered and sorted from all over the planet. Led by a team of experts in textiles, fashion and sustainability who work to propel the development of a closed-loop industry, the Recover Upcycled Textile System upcycles textile waste into new Recover fibre by cutting, shredding and spinning what was once considered “waste” into valuable new recover yarns. The Recover yarns are then knitted or woven into new textiles for virtually every product imaginable, from clothing, accessories, and home goods. And, once used and eventually worn-out, they can be returned to the Recover Upcycled Textile System where they close the loop and begin the journey of recovery once more.

Not only does Recover Upcycled Cotton Yarns score the best in the Higg MSI Index that measures and scores the environmental impact of materials used in creating textile products, but their materials are free of hazardous substances, and exceeds ZDHC and Reach Compliance (calculated through LCA work).


So, what are the materials helping to close-the-loop on fashion?




Recover R WOOL (natural)

This new yarn is an upcycled blend of post-industrial wool cutting scraps, recycled PET bottles, and Nylon 6.6, designed for maximum strength and softness.




Recover R EARTH (upcycled and natural)

This new yarn is a natural blend of Recover Upcycled Cotton and virgin organic cotton for comfort and durability.




Recover R Uno (upcycled cotton)

The first family of Recover Upcycled Cotton yarns blended with virgin fibres for specific performance, comfort and value.




Recover R Blue (100% upcycled blend)

A classic blend of Recover Upcycled Cotton and post-consumer RPET bottles, designed for comfort and all types of fashion.




Recover R Tech (Upcycled performance)

A high-performance yarn designed for technical applications; wicking, breathable and quick-dry blend of RPET bottles and Recover Upcycled Cotton.




Recover R3 (Upcycled Triblend)

A soft and sheer tri-blend of Recover Upcycled Cotton, RPET Bottles and Tencel®, for fashion garments specifically.




Recover R Jeans (Upcycled Denim Garments)

The state of the art in garments recycling, Recover R Jeans is made using a na­­­tural blend of Recover Upcycled Cotton from (pre-and-post-consumer) denim garments and organic cotton.

And there you have it. Certified by Global Recycled Standard, as well as OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Recover is trusted worldwide as one of the leading recycled cotton yarn systems, creating long-lasting, high-value, and importantly, lowest-impact products for many life-cycles to come.