16/01/18 What To Expect From Fashion Month

As news comes that fast-food chain McDonald’s, the world’s biggest restaurant chain, will replace all packaging worldwide to recycled or renewable materials by 2025 (up from half currently), this taps into a larger discussion on how we as consumers and businesses can do more to end our reliance on plastic.

From coffee chains to supermarkets, and now fast food chains, it’s clear that the food industry is prepared to make serious changes in order to appease consumer pressure to end societies dependence on plastic.


ethical fashion

Image courtesy: Moschino Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear | Getty Images

Why then, in 2018, are we still being presented with “plastic fantastic” at fashion weeks? Not only are leading fashion brands using PVC, vinyl, shiny futuristic materials or plain plastic raincoats, but they make no attempt at transparency.


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Image courtesy:Burberry Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear Collection Photos | Vogue

With fashion month upon us, there’s increasing calls for greater transparency within the industry. It’s all well and good designers sharing their inspiration and creative thinking behind their collections. But why does it end there? If more of the design process was shared with consumers, you allow the customer to make an educated decision. When it’s all hidden, well, your guess is as good as ours!

While some designers argue it will remove the romanticism of luxury fashion, what they’re actually doing is risking being stuck in the past and not investing in a future we all need. If it’s luxury, then it should excel at customer service. Please tell us: Are the materials biodegradable? If using plastic, is it recycled? If not, why not? We want labels to start telling us the necessary facts.


ethical fashion

Image courtesy: Chloé FW17 | L’Officiel

sustainable fashion

Image courtesy: Chanel SS18 | Rex Features

What kind of innovative materials have been used, if any? What good is it when it’s futuristic in looks but not in make up? When other industries are making strides, the fashion industry needs to take a long – not too long – hard look at itself and start putting consumer demand for an end to plastic reliance at the top of its agenda.

Let’s see what this approaching fashion month has in store for us.