25/04/18 Who Made My Underwear?

What’s underneath matters. We all know it to be true. It’s something we’ve been told from a young age, whether we’re talking about ourselves or another person, and certainly when it comes to your underwear. Imagine you were hit by a bus. Imagine! (Such a weird thought, where did that phrase even come from?)   

But, back to the underwear. We’re on day three of #whomademylook and today, following on from skincare and make-up, our focus falls on lingerie. At STATEMENTS, we’ve curated a stellar line-up of ethical and sustainable underwear labels so you can look, and most importantly, feel good.


Image courtesy: Anekdot

For us, that go-to label is Anekdot. The name itself is Swedish and means a remarkable and memorable story. Founded in 2015 by Swedish-born Sofie Anderson, who received training in London under the tutelage of Christopher Raeburn and Orsola de Castro’s label, From Somewhere, before going on to launch her own eco-conscious label, with the studio currently based between Berlin and Sweden.

Her early beginnings in the industry were formative for the young designer and led her to establish her brand on the principles of sustainability, using the upcycling method.


Image courtesy: Andkdot

What’s so special about Ankedot is the fact that all of their pieces are handmade and the materials used are all sustainably sourced.

Focusing on limited-edition lingerie, the label sources luxe fabrics from production end of lines, off-cuts, deadstock and vintage trimmings coming from closing down factories, makers’ surplus, production errors or miscalculations – mainly from London or Italy – and turning them into something beautiful and meaningful for your everyday wear.

When it comes to the design, Anderson isn’t merely ticking the eco boxes, either.


Image courtesy: Anekdot

She understands that underwear is an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. It’s the garment hidden like a secret under clothes, and has the power to influence the way a woman feels throughout her day. Interestingly, they base their designs on what fabrics are available at the moment and not the other way around.

This means each creation is individually designed and carefully handmade. Far from basics, Ankedot creates pieces that are inspiring, delicately beautiful but conscious of the wearer, so cut to be worn throughout the day and not to be tucked away in a drawer, kept for special occasions only. Think sexy but comfortable.

When buying from Anekdot, you can be sure you’re investing in high quality and authentic craftsmanship. No trace of mass-produced mediocrity in sight. A big plus, the label has recently released a swimwear collection, too. Summer couldn’t come soon enough.

Shop Anekdot here.